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July 30, 2018

Zeek... amazing footage just released from 2009...

Zeek Live

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Time: 104 min

In celebration of welcoming Zeek back to our studios in August of 2018, I have remastered this LIVE show with Zeek where we took live suggestions, and made it happen on a streaming site.

Zeek has to be one of my all time favorite girls to work with, and to know. In this clip, we start with the intense PROGRAM of Zeek, where she submits easily and quickly.. allowing me to make her FREEZE in place, post her and move her around... quickly segueing into various segments that ranges from sucking her mind out, to the point she starts drooling uncontrollably, to being turned on and horny as heck, to being transformed slowly into a mindless zombie... Zeek as a mindless zombie was scary, I had to FREEZE her at a certain point, as she was getting closer and closer to attacking me... Zeek has to be one of the best subjects I've had in a long time, and I'm anxious to working with her again next month...

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