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September 22, 2023
Kilo Balance Hypnotized

Kilo Balance - Orgasmic Finale

Enjoy this final video where you witness the complete surrender of Kilo Balance's mind and body.

As I utter the word BLANK Kilo's consciousness dissipates, leaving behind an empty vessel ready to be molded to my every whim. She becomes a mindless slave, devoid of any autonomy or sense of self. A chilling display of my power and control, as I revel in the total control of another human being.

But my darkness doesn't end here. With a mere utterance of the word RED, Kilo Balance is thrust into an instant sexual orgasm. I delight in exploiting her vulnerability, using her body solely for my (and your) gratification. Her pleasure becomes a mere tool in my twisted game of dominance.

The control I hold over her mind and body is absolute, as I toy with her like a puppet on strings. But all good things have to end, as I start down the path of de-programming her. But before I do so, I have to BLANK her once more time, watching her face as her eyes instantly roll and cross.. as she is checked out.

Finally, as my control over her mind and body is released, she emerges from the session and is instantly confronted with the shocking truth of what she has been subjected to. You can see her eyes and mind playing back everything she had forgotten, as she instantly displays astonishment and confusion with a mixture of a twisted sense of amazement at the depths of my control and her own submission. She smiles big, and laughs as I ask if she will do this again... as she says yes.

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