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What its like being hypnotized

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What its like Being Hypnotized
candid discussion of being hypnotized by hypnopimp

This clip starts off with an impromptu conversation over the kitchen table about what its like being programmed by me… We have Aimee Cambridge, Orias, and Rose talking about their experiences with me. When I realize where this conversation was going, I quickly grabbed my iPhone and started recording. Its fun, and quite interesting to hear their perspective of how its like working with me. And then towards the end Aimee suggests a Five Girl Challenge and we decide to do it! See who can stay awake the longest!!!

Ashley Sinclair – Door 2 Door Exposed!

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sexy coed door 2 door college student exposed naked hypno hypnotized
Door 2 Door Sales Exposed

Ashley Sinclair, smoking hot brunette co-ed comes knocking on my door while I’m working at Fetishcon 2013; and wants to sell me magazine subscriptions!  (Little do we know, that she has been hypnotized to believe she is a door-2-door sales person)… and I invite her in.  Once in, she is doomed!  As she’s talking, I start responding to her and interjecting messages that she’s getting very tired and sleepy… and eventually put her under completely…

Fetishcon 2012, a wild success!

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I’m back home, from a wild non-stop hectic state of what we call Fetishcon. This year was no different than the other years; I always go saying I will stick to only a few shoots… but once I get there, I can’t help myself and end up with a few extra shoots…

How do I begin? Well, I guess at the very start is a good place… I plan and pack all my gear, and clothing and then hit the road Thursday August 2nd early in the AM to pick up Aimee Cambridge for the ride out there; and we make good timing and get there right at around noon.. with a shoot coming up soon, I have to check in and get ready asap.

My first subject was Anzhelika Yakimenko, a super hot Ukrainian model… I had some initial fear that our language barrier may prove to be an issue in hypnotizing her – but it was not and the session went very well.

Anzhelika Yakimenko hypnotized

I believe Anzhelika was also surprised at how well it went, as she has never experienced something like this before.

Anzhelika Yakimenko Hypnotized