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Zeek Live

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Price: $18.99 USD
Time: 104 min

In celebration of welcoming Zeek back to our studios in August of 2018, I have remastered this LIVE show with Zeek where we took live suggestions, and made it happen on a streaming site.

Devine in Controlled Discounted

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 117 min

We are releasing a full movie of Devine, discounted heavily for your pleasure. We are re-mastering some of our old footage, and releasing them in its entirety at a lower rate. This video was previously released in 720p format, but we are now releasing it in full 1080p HD format, remastered to attempt to improve the quality and sharpness as much as possible. (more…)

Mistress Narcissa in Controlled

I hope you enjoy this full length video of dominatrix Mistress Narcissa being PROGRAM to obey and become a slave.

Mistress Narcissa - Controlled [Mp4 1080p]
Mistress Narcissa - Controlled [UHD 4k]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 93 min
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