Where Girls are Made to Do Bad Things...

Kilo Balance Transformation...

Enjoy watching the complete erosion of Kilo Balance's identity as she succumbs to my twisted commands. With each word I utter to her, she is compelled to transform into that very thing, losing herself piece by piece. Imagine the power one holds as we speak the word, and Kilo's body begins to contort and reshape […]

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Kilo Balance is frozen to undress!

In this video, you will witness the dehumanization and objectification of Kilo Balance, my PROGRAMMED puppet. As I command her to FREEZE, she becomes a lifeless mannequin, completely unaware of her surroundings. I take pleasure in manipulating her like a mere object, posing her into various positions to fulfill my twisted fantasies. But the degradation […]

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Kilo Balance Returns for the 3rd Time

In this video, we welcome back Kilo Balance to our studios. We ask a few questions to see what's new with her, and then we dive straight into her PROGRAMMING with you witnessing what occured. As a master at my trade, I strive to hold control over Kilo's mind. With my mesmerizing techniques, I plunge […]

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