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Nicole Frozen and Sleep

Nicole, Hypnotized I've known Nicole casually for a few years, when she came to me needing money.   I normally don't give away money, and if I lent it to her; it would be giving it away.  So I figured, why not; I'll ask if she would want to be hypnotized and I would film it; […]

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Lanka Goes Under Hypnosis

Lanka, get hypnotized Lanka was the first model I recruited for hypnoPimp.  I believe I found her on one of the modeling sites, and I was kinda nervous to actually shoot someone with full intent on using the content online. 

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Trinity gets Hynotized

Trinity I've known Trinity for over 15 years now I believe, she first found me to get some photographs done of her for her own use.  We became friends, and as such I mentioned my transgressions with hypnosis; and she became very interested.  Before I ever shot her for my site, we performed personal hypnosis […]

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